The Value of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What is the value of hiring a virtual assistant? Virtual Assistants, VAs, can save you time, which saves you money.

Here are some great reasons to bring on a virtual assistant:

“Although at first glance their rate may seem high, you have to remember all of the additional costs you will pay for when hiring a full-time employee. In addition to the hourly wage you pay, you must also pay for taxes, benefits, office and equipment costs as well as vacation and sick time. A Virtual Assistant covers all of her own expenses.

An hourly employee is paid whether they are working or not. During slow times or when they are sick, you still pay. A virtual assistant only charges for time actually worked.

Virtual Assistant are highly skilled with many years of high level administrative experience. They work quickly and efficiently while requiring little or no training. An efficient assistant will take less time to produce much higher quality work than a less skilled assistant who will work for a lower hourly wage.

Businesses who use the services of Virtual Assistants have claimed as much as a 50% increase in the productivity of their business. Many VAs are highly skilled in business procedures and can help you identify cost effective ways to run your business.

Many entrepreneurs and small business spend too much of their time on administrative tasks which leaves them less time to do the things they need to build their businesses. By outsourcing these tasks, you can concentrate on the tasks needed to grow your business.

These are just five ways a Virtual Assistant can save you money. There are actually many advantages to using their services and you may just find that hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best solution for your business.” from

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