Delegate and Celebrate

So many business owners feel a sense of responsibility and ownership with the daily tasks of running a business. Yet, they can get overwhelmed, working all day long and into the night, if they are not careful.

As a Registered Nurse, I have worked and thrived in the medical world and know how incredibly busy doctors and nurses can get on a daily basis. The field of Medicine has developed a structure and a way of accomplishing an overwhelming amount of tasks in a small amount of time. Doctors delegate most of the tasks needed to care for patients to their nursing staff, while they concentrate on developing care plans to best help their patients thrive. In turn, Nurses delegate some of these tasks to CNAs and to support staff, while they concentrate on medication dosage calculations, wound care, starting IVs and determining drip rates. In turn, CNAs delegate tasks to the receptionists and so forth. This system allows all of the tasks needed to care for patients to be accomplished in a short time.

Why not also adopt this technique to help your business thrive? Delegate those tasks that are bogging you down and don't require your skills to a Virtual Assistant. We can get those tasks done in the background as you concentrate on your genius! You will get more done and be able to feel a sense of accomplishment as you do that tasks that you love.

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