Relax - Take it Easy

I know it seems like you are too busy to take a break, but studies have shown that taking breaks can actually increase productivity! According to The Huffington Post, there are 5 scientifically proven ways that relaxing and taking a break can increase your productivity. Here they are:

  1. Taking a break once an hour increases productivity because our brains get tired when concentrating on one task for over an hour and actually "check out."

  2. A break will fuel your creativity! Taking a break will give your brain a boost and will allow your to think in a new direction that you may have missed without that break! Call a friend. Watch an inspiring video or write "Thank You" notes for 10 minutes. This will refuel your creative ideas. Try it!

  3. Get up and move a bit! This will help get the blood flowing better, providing much needed oxygen to your brain. Moving and being active has been proven to provide many benefits to both our mental and physical health.

  4. Tea anyone?! If you get up and brew some tea, you will get much needed antioxidants and move! Plus, a little caffeine will provide that boost you need to get to the next level.

  5. Play hard and work hard to provide a balance in your life. Doing a fun activity such as walking the dog or taking a jog will increase your productivity two hours after your workout!

Here's to taking a relaxing break!

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