InDesign – Our Favorite Desktop Publishing Tool

At Achieve Business Solutions, we like InDesign and use it to create flyers, posters, brochures, notecards, Insight papers and more! It can also publish content that reads well on all your mobile devices. It creates a professional layout and is configured for the exact purpose of designing attractive layouts. Line and letter spacing are controlled and images stay where we put them! It allows us to create stunning and creative graphics that mix well with your marketing copy.

If you’ve always created your documents and materials using Microsoft Word, you know how it can be difficult to control. It’s not set up for professional print production and gives you a less professional product. While we love the overall suite of Microsoft Office products, we find we can work faster and deliver better pieces to our clients when we use InDesign. And we don’t get so grumpy and that makes everyone happy. And we like to be happy. Contact us today for help designing your next project.

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