Why It’s Important to have a Registered Nurse on Your Team

As a private practice physician, you know that’s its incredibly expensive to hire a registered nurse to assist in your practice. Because of their higher scope of practice, Registered Nurses can assess and triage patients, provide patient educations, explain conditions as well as educate patients on the safest ways for them to take medications. A Registered Nurse can also work with patients on treatment plans and discuss with them how to care for their condition at home. Do you sometime dream of having such excellence in your office? Well, now it’s possible. Achieve Business Solutions is now offering services as a Virtual Registered Nurse.

Cindy Schreiber Huxley is the owner and founder of Achieve Business Solutions, but better yet, she holds a Bachelor of Science, Nursing degree from the University of Colorado and graduated with a summa cum laude. She has experience as a Registered Nurse on a Telemetry unit, as an independent Visiting Nurse and has worked at Kaiser Permanente in both the Internal Medicine and Endocrinology Departments.

With a professional phone system and her critical thinking skills, you can have your Medical Assistant and Receptionist transfer more critical patient calls to Cindy while you continue to care for patients in your practice. With guidelines in place to education patients on how to care for more simple conditions such as the common cold, sinusitis, rashes and more, Cindy can triage your patients and provide advice on how to care for their condition over the phone. If she sees that a situation is more critical, she has the ability to pull you in immediately or call for an ambulance for your patients. Cindy is excited to provide nursing skills to your patients as your first Virtual Registered Nurse.

What can a Virtual Nurse offer if they are not physically sitting at a desk in your practice? Here’s a list:

  • Phone Triage for Incoming Patient Calls

  • Patient Education Brochure and Handout Creation

  • Patient Education Regarding Their Conditions and Test Results

  • Wound Care Instructions

  • Medication Education

  • Provide Home Care Instructions

  • Design a Social Media Presence for Your Practice

  • Patient Newsletters

  • Charting and Transcription

  • Calling in Prescriptions

Call us today to see how we can help move your practice to the next level!




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