Building Relationships to Build Your Social Media Audience

I've always believed that any business can succeed if and only if they build trusting relationships with their customers. Any product is just a product without the relationship behind it. Utilizing social media to build awareness of your product and services is no different. If you want to succeed with your social media campaigns, you must develop relationships with the people who like and follow you. Here are some great tips from Susan Gunellus:

  • Listen to your audience

  • Focus on a few topics instead of many topics

  • Provide quality content and don't over post

  • Be patient - creating a community takes time

  • If you create great content, it will be shared and will have a compounding effect

  • Connect and build relationships with the influencers in your market

  • Provide value to your audience and to their conversations

  • Acknowledge those who respond to your content to build the relationship with them

  • Watch your posts and interact - don't just walk away once you've posted

  • Share other's posts if you want them to share your posts

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