Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media is meant to be a fun and social platform to connect to friends, family and with your clients and customers. It's a great way to get your brand noticed and to reach potential new clients! Here are some great tips I've accumulated through the years that may help in your quest to be successful at marketing your brand! Enjoy!

  • Be real and social: Don’t just show up for the party, create the party

  • Understand the platform that you are using and how to target your audience on each platform

  • Convert your followers into brand ambassadors by making customers your priority. Address all comments, good and bad. Engage with your customers/followers

  • Build relationships and a community

  • Use analytics to understand how your social media campaigns are doing, how to improve on them and what to avoid

  • Watch what your competitors are doing and assess what they are doing well. Redesign their wheel and make it your own

  • Work on content creation, content strategy, client interaction and brand management

  • Use a content strategy – use a content calendar

  • Sometimes you have to spend money to make money – use clever targeted advertising

  • Visuals are vital – have beautiful posts that draw attention to your posts

  • Learn and know what is important to your customers and audience

  • Stay focused and highly specified, don’t be too broad

  • Quality trumps quantity

  • Patience is a virtue… This is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to be successful

  • The Compound Effect is real… Create quality content that people benefit from and want to share

  • Connect with and build relationships with the influencers in your market

  • Not all of your posts should be about you promoting your products – people will stop listening in this case

  • Be consistent and available – don’t post and then disappear

  • Share other’s content – don’t just expect them to share yours. Pay attention to reciprocity. Follow others, comment on their content, be engaged.

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