Virtual Office Manager - Assisting You to Greatness

Whether you are a new or an established business owner, time is a valuable commodity and you simply cannot do all the tasks by yourself that it takes to run a business. If you are not yet at the place where you can afford to hire a team of people, why not consider hiring a business specialist to assist you virtually?

A Virtual Office Manager can hold down the fort while you are out networking and building your business and/or while you are hosting conferences, webinars and client meetings. While you focus on income generating tasks, your Virtual Office Manager can be working on your schedule, answer your emails, create documents, presentations and marketing materials and even manage your marketing on Social Media Platforms. The list of what a Virtual Office Manager can do for you is endless. If you don't have time for a particular task in your business, just delegate that task to your Virtual Office Manager.

Hiring a Virtual Office Manager can actually save you money in the long run. Here are some cost savings for you:

  • No employee overhead

  • No employee taxes

  • No employee health insurance

  • No employee retirement account expenses

  • No employee training expenses

  • No vacation or sick-time expenses

  • No equipment costs, other than those needed to complete certain approved services

  • You only pay for the time that we work and don’t pay for an employee chatting at the water cooler

  • No employee turn-over expenses

The true cost of an employee’s expense ends up being over twice their base pay and ends up being one of the biggest cash drains on a business. Hiring a Virtual Office Manager saves you money and helps increase your productivity. Call Achieve Business Solutions today to see how we can Assist You to Greatness!

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