Why you should create a Facebook Group for your business

Now that you’ve created a Facebook page for your business, you may be wondering why it is not bringing you the referral traffic and associate sales that you were expecting. You’re not alone, most business Facebook pages (unless supported with paid advertising that directly targets your potential buyers) don’t create much of that kind of traffic and activity. Business pages on Facebook are most often seen by consumers a simple form of advertising – to gain great access to highly engaged members for the products and services you offer, consider building a Facebook Group for your business.

A Facebook group provides your members to be more fully engaged with you by giving them the kind of content they want: likes, comments from others, and other ideas that spark conversation – not just a sales pitch. You are also able to create a call to action that grabs your members attention by pinning a post to the top where it doesn’t get lost with all the other messages that bombard users every day. Groups are also an excellent place to ask for and receive immediate feedback on what you are doing right (and, not so right). More close engagement builds trust with your members and to build that trust you need to provide value.

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