How to Get Seen on Social Media

How to Get Seen on Social Media In this age of information overload, it’s incredibly hard to get your posts noticed on social media. All social media platforms use algorithms based on post interest. If a post is interesting and getting a lot of comments and likes, it will rise above the crowd and will be seen by more people. So, the key to a successful social media campaign or page is to build a community of people who enjoy your content and feel a connection with you and your products and services. You can build a community by offering solutions to your followers, by engaging with them and by making them feel welcome on your page. So, how do you create an actively involved community on your page? Here are a few basic tips and tricks: · Share your posts on your own timeline and invite people to “Like” your page. · Join groups that have a common interest in your content and share your posts in those groups. · “Like” the post but better yet, use the “heart” or “wow” emojis. These emojis will help the post rise up in the social media algorithms. · Comment on the post. More comments mean more people will see the post. · Like and comment on other people’s posts. When they see that you care about their social media content, they will care about your content. After all, social media is all about being social, right? · When you share the posts or create original posts, use hashtags so that others who are searching for that content will see your post. Hashtags are a way to tag your post for those interested in that particular subject material. · Invite all of your friends to “like” and follow your page #GetNoticed #seeMe #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing #socialmediastrategy #tipsandtricks #socialmediamarketing

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